what ?

For the second consecutive year, here we were again in Arles, trying to establish a bridge between the official art and the applied art.

Last year we held an event in a hotel with 11 photographers in 11 rooms, each photographer exhibiting in one room. This year we decided to work with and support analog instant film. And then I met Florian, his Impossible Project, his impossible films, his impossible enthusiasm and we decided to make this impossible exhibition happen.

The result of this was exposed on the walls of the famous Bar de la Roquette, on this website and in the catalogue of the exhibition. This is not a final work, rather the start of a new collaboration between a manufacturer, sometimes nostalgic but looking at the future, and a team of motivated people that are willing to play the game of trying out this new toy.

I am very honoured and with emotion that I am inviting you to the work of this instant work filled with magic. Magic given by my photographers. Thank you Laurent, Christoph, Estelle, Louis, Mathieu, Coco, Julia, Michael, Bjorn, Peter, Hervé, Frédéric and Jan.

Valérie Hersleven
Photographer's agent

when ?

from the 5th to the 13th of July 2010


Valérie Hersleven has represented artists and photographers since 1997. Initially based in London, now in Paris, Valérie Hersleven is fully dedicated to her role : promoting her artists. By providing visibility for the work of fashion and advertising photographers, Valérie promotes a creative universe, constantly exploring uncharted territory.