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Bjorn Tagemose

What was your first shot ?

My first shot was the masked, black and white make-up face.
I wanted the faded blue of the color px film to be monochrome, so I picked make-up and subjects that where black and white in reality and silhouettes against the sky that where backlit, leaving all color out this resulted in a monochrome blue-ish version of the color px film.

How did your work, idea evolve ?

I wanted to counter the idea that pola's are always associated with romantic images and play with film noir and old B movie inspirations.

The shots are set pictures of two different movies I am directing, they have completely different topics than this shoot.

What is great is that by putting the characters and elements out of context, the whole story changes into a new "instant" one, just like the film.
For instance, rather than a romantic horse in the movie this one becomes a “dark horse".

As Alfred Hitchcock put quite rightly: “Always show the knife, never the murder”.

Instant film is great for insinuations rather than cold reality. I'm sure good old Alfred would have liked that.

I also liked one of the baselines of "the Impossible Project", "take a picture of a dream". I was thinking: “Why not make it a nightmare!”

I guess it's all about dark humor!

Are you happy with the result ?

Etes-vous satisfait du résaltat ? Expliquez.

I'm rarely happy with a result, I always wish I could do it over and over again!
With everything I do. I always suspect artists that are happy with their work.
It's never quite finished...

What I like is the unexpected with this film, there is no retouching later, no excuses.

What's next ?

More! More films, more shoots and more shows, always more haha!
And driving my agent crazy!

What is good with instant film, it's from the hip! I love things shot from the hip. And I love doing the opposite of what is expected from me.
Being a rebel has been good for me! It is the kind of work I attract, the impossible!

And now ? A pola-stopmotion movie ?

This film is surely a rebel! It doesn't listen and that is what is fun about it!