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Hervé Plumet

What was your first shot ?

I photographed what I had in front of me, a small sculpture on the table. I was surprised and disappointed; the pola was sepia with almost no contrast.
I enlightened, darkened and developed the pola in sunlight, in the dark, in my fridge, in my pocket, with a neutral filter. I used several boxes of PX 100 film and started to realize that my first shot was probably the most successful. Annoying.
Florian said we had to play with the film, but I felt the film was playing with us. And I slowly realized I had to stop wanting to control. I had to stop to be in fight and I had to start enjoying this adventure.

How did your work, idea evolve ?

For me “analog instant film” is Pola. I am used to Fuji FP 100 and I always asked the salesman “give me 10 boxes of Pola FP 100”. I know it is bad.
This was my starting point and I invented photographs of a person wearing this name on her t-shirt. I tried with a real actress but it did not work out. I decided to use a small doll that I put in front of mini decors. It became strange but strangely more poetic. Voilà.

Are you happy with the result ?

This is not about result but about a working process. What struck me is that the couple of minutes for the development seemed an eternity in this fast digital world. Our impatience is here to testify. Time has disappeared, for professional and amateur photographers.
That moment when you push on the button and you rediscover what you shot. The time of selecting and printing when you are creating, this precious time. This time that enables you to mature your thoughts, this time that automatically disqualifies craftsmen to people in a hurry. This time we all lack. Well I had the impression I found this time when I was shooting this film.
When waiting hope exists and in results you get nice surprises. Let fate do its work, and maybe some life will interfere with these new images.

What's next ?

I’d like to follow the evolution of this film because each new tool gives something new.
I love to be constrained because it nourishes me and I have been served here. Thank you Florian.