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Louis Gaillard

What was your first shot ?

I initially wanted to shoot outdoors, images built out of remote elements.
But when I looked at my first shots, I was very much disappointed. I could not find any details and contrast without even mentioning the instability of the film (temperature and development).

How did your work, idea evolve ?

I was very stressed I had to change my idea, and the desire of outdoor shots did not leave me. So I continued to test this strange film and slowly I got used to this unusual depiction and I started to master the development.

I feel the theme of the greenhouse at the Parisian “Jardin des Plantes” and exotic vegetal coincide quite well with what the film can give you.
I found a resemblance with images at the beginning of the 20th Century shot on the same theme.

Are you happy with the result ?

I am entirely happy with the experimental aspect of the films. And I am very happy with the correlation of it.

What's next ?

As to what’s next, I will follow the development of the films and I might consider reshooting depending of my subjects.