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Mathieu Bernard-Reymond

What was your first shot ?

I photographed my daughter of 4 who happened to be there. I took the opportunity to explain and show her how a Polaroid camera works. So far she only has used digital cameras in her life.

How did your work, idea evolve ?

I always had in mind I would reshoot existing images. I rapidly considered family portraits, not my family, but unknow families. I thought this would be a good link to the history of Polaroid.
It took me some time to identify what portion I would photograph but slowly I started to concentrate on the hands of those those big family shots when everyone tries to find a stand during an instant. Hands are being put on shoulders, they hold, they keep, they support and help each other.
These hands tell us a bit more on the legend and relationships of members of one family.

Are you happy with the result ?

Because of the specificity of this film, I had to find experimental reflexes that are anyway important to maintain. I did not give up completely my usual method because I shot computer screens. Globally it was an exciting challenge !
The result is in resonance with the subject adding a degree of abstraction that pushes you to play with the sense of the images.

What's next ?

A small book