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Michael Schnabel

What was your first shot ?

I played with the film in and around the studio in a controlled environment, shooting things I could repeat to get a feel for the film. I had been warned that it is special, to phrase it gently.

How did your work, idea evolve ?

There was an idea based on a series I am working on, which is a landscape project, yet due to facts I wasn't in control of, this was impossible.
I then played with  various concepts and approaches, while at the same time learning more about the film. As well it occured to me that a lot of my ideas appeared not  suitable for the PX film.
It seems like it is a lot about letting go with these "instant" images. Neither the pictures appear quickly nor the film feels controllable. And I am told it isn't really stable.
So letting go to me meant shooting open minded, playful and not trying to take too much control.  I eventually decided on a "people" based project, approaching it positively, but not really knowing the outcome.

Are you happy with the result ?

At this point I do very much like the result. I think there is a nice feel to it and it's something unusual as well.

What's next ?

There are some major "bugs" in that PX film. I am hoping these will be taking care of, then I am happy to continue using it. It remains in my opinion a very special interest material to shoot with.
And I think it's awesome that some guys attempted to manufacture such a film again.