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From Arles to Beijing: an analog instant photography journey.

Inspired by our Impossible Exhibition at Rencontres d'Arles Photography Festival in summer 2010, we were invited at the Caochangdi PhotoSpring Festival. Rather than showing the original Impossible Exhibition presented in Arles, a completely new and international exhibition was put together by inviting four Chinese photographers to partake.

Yesterday in the Off in Arles, today in the On in Beijing.

The Caochangdi Photospring Arles in Beijing 2011 Festival aims to present the best artistic work in China and worldwide amongst a wide audience. Directed by Bérénice Angremy, Rong Rong & Inri with support of an international French-American-Chinese team, the Festival invited Valerie Hersleven to curate this new show. This East meets West encounter was a great discovery. The Impossible Exhibition presented photographic works made only on analog Impossible instant film.

Located in the artistic Caochangdi community the Photospring Festival runs in more than twenty galleries. The Impossible exhibition is hosted by Mathias Küper Gallery until the 31st of May 2011.

Valérie Hersleven

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from the 23th of April to the 31st of May 2011


Valérie Hersleven has represented artists and photographers since 1997. Initially based in London, now in Paris, Valérie Hersleven is fully dedicated to her role : promoting her artists. By providing visibility for the work of fashion and advertising photographers, Valérie promotes a creative universe, constantly exploring uncharted territory.