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Christoph Morlinghaus

This is your second impossible exhibition with an instant film that improved since then.

What was your second shot with this new film ?

I like the carefree, almost amateur-like approach to photography with the SX-70. So for one day I took the camera to the streets and for another day to the countryside.

Did you change/adapt your way of working ?

It is very unusual for my photography to just make images without preparation, scouting, permitting etc. So it was a fun and liberating change in the way I am normally working to just go out and snap what comes along my way.

Which part or not did you enjoy shooting with this film ?

With the new film I like the immediate gratification that only instant material can give in analog photography: this film develops way faster than the first film that I used earlier. The colors and contrast also have very much improved. The color film however is sensitive to light leaks which I could never really get rid of, no matter how ingenious my shielding methods were. I also wish that there were 10 instead of 8 films in a pack.

What's next ?

Next I want to get my hands on 8x10'' material very, very badly.