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Julia Fullerton-Batten

This is your second impossible exhibition with an instant film that improved since then.

What was your second shot with this new film ?

My mother was visiting for a few days from Germany. I wanted to shoot a series on her, doing daily things, sleeping, walking, brushing her hair, etc.
Just capturing the daily life of a woman in her 60’s. The second shot was of her getting changed.

Did you change/adapt your way of working ?

I didn’t have the ND filter for the SX-70 Polaroid camera, so I used the 600 Business Edition camera.
However, I found that I didn’t like using flash at all with this camera (and didn’t know at the time I could shoot without flash)
so I waited until the ND filter arrived. Unfortunately by then my mother had left, and I had to think of a new series, which was photographing the casting of my new “Awkward, 2011” fine art project.

Which part or not did you enjoy shooting with this film ?

It is still a bit too ‘hit and miss’ for me, but I do love the painterly feel it gives with muted colours.
I had to shoot nearly a whole packet of ‘Impossibles’ before I was remotely happy with the result of one image.
But then again, I am a perfectionist!

What's next ?

I think I need to take a different approach from my normal way of working and adjust my expectations of the end result.
My normal work is so set up with a lot of lighting and production.
So, will carry on snapping “Impossible”, not take it too seriously and have fun with the results.