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Laurent Humbert

What was your first shot ?

The first face I had in front of me when I charged my camera.
At that moment I was not bothered by light nor shoot conditions, I was searching for complete spontaneity. I was also very impatience to discover the result of this new film and to rediscover the pleasure of shooting instant film far away from the coldness of digital files.
It is from this first image I started to think to what I could shoot.

How did your work, idea evolve ?

Since the very beginning of my project I wanted to work beauty portrait shots. I tested the films on numerous facts like change of light, different exposures, interior, exterior… . And I decided to concentrate on the silver 100 film that looked adapted to my needs.

I initially wanted to treat the Polaroid portrait like you would when shooting digitally, which implies retouching the image to obtain a perfect portrait.
But fast I discovered that the PX film imperfections were adding something stronger to my image. I thus went to the essential of the portrait, its simplicity and spontaneity and I left behind the technical aspect.

Contrary to a digital shot where you get your image ‘instantly’ the new PX film was introducing me to a new way of working. I allowed myself a couple of minutes shooting my model and looked at the result only a couple of hours afterwards (developing time of the PX film). I used the ‘surprise effect’ of the result to work further my image.

Are you happy with the result ?

That I had to adapt myself to this new fim in order to pursue my initial idea offered me new working codes : first satisfaction.
Once I’ve mastered the assets and inconvenient of this film I will go further in my work of PX film beauty portraits. I want to work more the surprises.

What's next ?

I am very happy with the final result and will continue this research.